Let the learning seek you.

iCOG is a system with Assisted Learning Intelligence (A.L.I.)©. It’s an aware system. Which means you don’t spend time searching. The system brings you the learning you need and helps you transcend conventional learning plans.

  • Curates From :
  • Connects to existing learning systems
  • On the cloud
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The A.L.I. of iCOG casts a wide net within the organisation and across the Internet to collate learning material on any subject. It co-relates your learning behaviour, how everyone else in your organisation has been learning and the patterns of learning that emerge from the Internet. It then uses an intelligent algorithm to focus, vet and filter what it has collected to bring only essential learning to you. At your time. In your way. (And, we would like to add, much like Ali in the ring, the A.L.I. in the system delivers a real punch to your learning.)

The concept of Learning Intelligence.

Learn what’s essential. Learn in easy portions. Learn all the time.

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Your learning should be just right and continuous. But you don’t have to spend the time searching for it. Let iCOG do that for you. While you are learning, iCOG is also learning about you and the environment that you work in. It understands the learning imperatives based on your requirements at work. Over time iCOG has a deeper understanding of your patterns and with enough data is able to curate content that would be just what you would seek.

The Sphere of Influence

iCOG’s A.L.I. is influenced by the learning behaviours of the user, what people in the organisation are seeking and what the system pulls from the Internet to create an eco-system for learning.

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The question of what should influence learning is the core idea behind the algorithm of iCOG. Learning is everywhere. But how do you get to the learning critical to your work and growth? iCOG puts the ‘i’ into learning. iCOG uses a potent mix of user behaviour, social learning and search and customises it to the needs of the individual. Each user’s behaviour fuels the learning influences of all the users much like how social interactions provide direction to a community. Add to this the layer of what’s happening in the Internet and you have a rich eco-system steeped in learning and with proper direction.

What you need to learn should come to you. Here’s the system that learns what you need, what the organisation is learning, what the internet has to offer and serves what you should be learning. This is Intelligent Learning.

iCOG nurtures the learning eco-system

All the stakeholders gain significant advantages with Assisted Learning Intelligence (A.L.I.) at work. iCOG is not just a learning destination online, it permeates through the organisation at every level, improving the very culture of learning.

Learners know they are following the right learning paths when the validation is not only from the system but also from the learning influencers they are connected to on iCOG

Coaches and mentors find the seamless quality of iCOG perfect for transferring knowledge with minimum of effort. The corporate social web that iCOG uses drives the company towards shared learning goals.

L&D Managers get a comprehensive assessment of how users are learning. They can understand the patterns and how collaborative the learning environment is currently and how far they can take it.

A.L.I. works better with Assessment and Reporting

Learning that you can put to use is the underlying philosophy in the system build. And in-depth analysis of how the system is being put to work provides further direction.

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Every topic comes with regular assessments. Users are tested and observed on multiple factors, just not on what they can recall. In iCOG the assessment factor is called as HGV - HAS GRASP VALUE. Gaps are identified and the user is pushed towards deeper learning by the iCOG. Meanwhile all activity on the system is tracked, quantified and are available for analysis. The Reporting tools are robust and provide a gamut of views that can then be used for learning strategy and decisions.

The logicians behind iCOG

iCOG is a system conceptualized & developed by SKILLDOM & Cogknit together. Cogknit is a thought leader in data analytics and machine intelligence. SKILLDOM is a well-known learning solutions provider with clients from around the world.

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